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Accessing the portal
Once you have been set up on the portal you can access the link at any time.

The log in details will be supplied to you via email but will be

PASSWORD: This will have been provided with your log in details
COMPANY: bdb (This is ALWAYS bdb)

You will be asked to submit a security code.

This will be sent to the supplied email and mobile.


Navigation - Your home screen is where you can view.

Applications – This lists all applications. You can sort this list by status or user.
My Applications – This will just show the applications you have made (useful if multiple users).
Qld New Application – This is where you make a new application.
Application Template – You can set up templates for regular job types
Stats Chart – will show number of jobs and stages (NB we are still making changes to how we show these reports and would welcome feedback on what is useful)
Report – The line detail of the above
System settings – For company administrator and user

Making a new application.

Click the QLD new application button.

Terms and Conditions

It is a legislative requirement that we have a formal agreement from the applicant to undertake the job and in agreeing to these T&C you are agreeing to appoint us as the Building Certifier. Any pricing applied will be as per the pricing agreement made with you prior to signing up to the portal (our standard pricing used).

If you have set up a template, you can select it now

and we recommend you set up at least one with your own contact details to avoid re submitting this information each time.

Search the address (this will auto fill and complete the lot and plan numbers).

Work Description: It is important that you provide full details of the works ie if a dwelling with retaining wall and swimming pool please put all details here.
The Client Reference and Purchase Order No will print on the invoice
Complete details as applicable – anything * must be completed

Note: This is where we communicate with each other so anything you put here will go directly into out software. Please put anything relevant to the application. If it is missing anything that is to come.

Document: This is where you upload all / any relevant documentation. You can upload in bulk to save time. You will see there is a drop down to categorise the documentation (you will mostly use assessment information or council approval). When we upload forms back to you it will be under other headers such as inspection reports or checklists etc. This allows you to easily see the documentation in each job.

Please note the maximum file size to upload on the portal is XXmb

Once submitted

you will see the job in your dashboard assigned as “New Job” and you will see as the status updates

Creating a Template

We recommend you set up at least one template to use as this will allow the application and builder information to auto populate.

Complete the details for your most common application type (note you can change things as you edit the application).

That’s it. We are notified as soon as you hit submit in our system and can jump of the application straight away.

We believe in creating positive change both in the construction industry and the world that surrounds it. Why?