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What is the role of a Building Certifer?

A building certifier, also known as a building inspector, plays a crucial role in ensuring that buildings comply with relevant building regulations and planning codes. A Building Certifier can work for the local government authority or as a private certifier in a private organisation. Regardless of where they work they are independently and to a strict code of conduct. A Building Certifier will train for many years to get their initial qualification and will continue to study throughout their career to keep their license and knowledge current.

They will:

Review Building Plans: A Building Certifier will examine architectural and engineering plans to ensure they comply with local building codes, zoning regulations, fire safety codes, and other relevant regulations.

  1. Issuing Buildng Permits: Once satisfied that your construction plans meet all the relevant codes and standards they issue a building certification (sometimes called a construction permit or building permit). This permit will outline the conditions your construction must meet to get a final certificate.
  2. Inspecting Construction: A Building Certifier will visit the construction site at various stages of the building process to verify that work is being carried out according to approved plans and in compliance with building codes and regulations.

  3. Consulting and Advising: They provide guidance and assistance to builders, developers, architects, and homeowners regarding building codes, permit requirements, and compliance issues.

  4. Conducting Final Inspections: Certifiers perform final inspections once construction is complete to ensure that the building meets all regulatory requirements before issuing a certificate of occupancy or completion.

  5. Keeping Records: They maintain detailed records of all inspections, permits issued, and enforcement actions taken, ensuring transparency and accountability in the building regulation process.

Overall, building certifiers play a critical role in promoting public safety, ensuring structural integrity, and maintaining compliance with building codes and regulations in the construction industry.


Building Certifier completing inspection